The Teton Range in winter.  Photo copyright Cherilynn Domer 2013.

Wildlife and Biodiversity

Part of the second grade curriculum is learning about the numerous wildlife species (animal/fauna) that make the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem (GRE) one of the most diverse and iconic natural habitats in the world. Grand Teton National park is part of the GRE and we are very lucky to call this immense and majestic place home.  Before becoming a teacher, I studied Wildlife Biology and Managment in North Carolina, so I am thrilled to be on this adventure with second grade.  This page will host links to Internet resources and other information.

The Cougar Fund Learn about Cougars in Jackson Hole, conservation, and view pictures of Spirit and her cubs taken by acclaimed nature photographer Thomas D. Mangelsen.  Thanks to the Cougar Fund for providing these amazing photographs for classroom use.

Teton Raptor Center  Find out what people are doing to rehabilitate and conserve birds of prey in our local community.

Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation Information and facts about the Elk's habitat, lifecycle, role in nature, history.  This is a great place to research elk facts.

Wyoming Wetlands Society  Discover how the Trumpeter Swan Fund helps perserve this species and habitat for future generations. Watch the Trumpeter Swan Webcam and beautiful photos of adult swans and cygnets.

All About Birds The Cornell online Ornithology lab.

Black Footed Ferret Watch the Wyoming Game & Fish video to learn about North America's only native ferret species.

Nature Works Research animals online thanks to New Hampshire Public Television.

Grand Teton National Park Learn about the park and native animal species.

Audubon Kids  The National Audbon Society for kids.

Kid's Planet by Defender's of Wildlife.

BLM Great photographs of animals inhabiting public lands.  Adults will need to help kids read most of this information, but they list animals that are difficult to research online.

Animal Fact Guide Kid-friendly animal facts with some of the large mammals of Jackson Hole.

Mountain Bluebird Trails Conservation Society  All about Mountain Bluebirds and preservation.

Critter Corner Trumpeter Swan facts and more from Wisconsin.

Craighead Beringia South wildlife institute.  Check out the amazing photographs.